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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Hold on Tight to Your Identity at Concerts

With summer fast approaching, many people across the country are looking forward to afternoons on the beach, barbecues that last late into the evening and outdoor concerts featuring their favorite musical artists. Festivals will be held all summer long nationwide in venues big or small. Whether you are spending a weekend camping at one of the many multi-day events taking place on the West Coast, or plan to enjoy a more intimate evening under the stars with your favorite singer-songwriter on stage, being in the audience at a music show is always a good time.

Identity thieves don't discriminate against genres of music
However, when you go to any live performance, no matter how big the crowds are, you always stand the risk of having your identity stolen if you don't take proper precautions. At most concerts, the lights are turned down and all the attention is focused on the main stage. If you can barely see the people who are enjoying the show with you during the performance, you'll surely have a hard time picking out who around you could be an identity thief.

Events can be disorienting, making it easy to lose track of belongings
Any time you are in a crowded area with strangers, be aware of where your identification is at all time to ensure that it doesn't fall into the hands of someone who might steal it and use it to take advantage of your credit.

Only bring the most appropriate documentation with you to the event so that you aren't juggling an unnecessary number of sensitive materials. Your license or state ID should suffice, but leave the Social Security card or passport at home. If you don't plan on making any large purchases, there is no need to bring any debit or credit cards along with you, but should you want to have access to money, stick to cash. This way, if you are pick-pocketed, the thief won't be able to damage your finances by making purchases on one of your credit cards.

Keep all of these items on your person either in a wallet or a fanny pack, but avoid holding them in a purse or backpack, since you are more likely to lose track of these belongings when you are rocking out to your favorite song.