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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

How "Checking In" on Social Media Could Be Putting Your Identity at Risk

Social media has evolved so rapidly over the past several years that individuals young and old now regularly communicate with each other through their Facebook, Twitter or other media accounts. While this has helped bring the world closer together, removing the restrictions of geographical distance and even time zones when it comes to staying in touch and aware of each other's comings and goings, this openness has also opened up individuals to a whole bevy of new threats.

Some people use their social media accounts to over share with their friends and family in ways that not only can be annoying to followers, but that are even putting them at risk of identity theft.

For instance, if you feel the need to broadcast your whereabouts throughout the day, someone who is keeping tabs on your statuses will know exactly when you aren’t home or in your office, where they can easily go snatch your personal identification information. Once this has happened, they can use this info to open up accounts in your name and order goods and services, leaving you with the bill.

It’s perfectly fine to take advantages of the advances to social media to stay in touch with others and express yourself in a way that exposes you to new friends the world over. But you have to be wise to not overshare so that your finances stay intact and your identity remains yours.