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The Resource Center Child Identity Theft & Protection | article

How Does Child ID Theft Happen?

Child ID theft has become a growing problem because it may not be identified as quickly as adult identity theft. Here's how it works: With child identity theft, a child's name, birthday, and Social Security number are used by someone with no legitimate right to the information. For example, someone may steal a child's identity information and use the child's Social Security number to get access to medical care or to open a line of credit on a credit card.

Child ID theft happens in very similar ways to adult identity theft in that someone obtains the child's personal data. This can happen by hacking into a parent's computer or by using phishing scams where parents are asked about a child's information. School records, hospital records, and mail that have been tossed in the trash can also be used to obtain a child's personal information. Any way that a criminal can get access to personal details may be used, and then the child ID information can be spread around criminal networks easily.  Teens in dorm rooms can be especially vulnerable, especially if they don't know the implications of being careless with personal mail and personal details.

Protecting your child from child ID theft is a smart choice, especially since you and your child may not think to check your child's credit report and, as a result, may be unaware if child ID theft has occurred. With services such as Identity Guard® kID Sure®, you can easily keep tabs on your child's identity and work to prevent child identity theft from occurring.