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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

How Does Identity Protection Work?

Identity protection from services such as Identity Guard® work by helping you to stay informed regarding the use of your personal information. When people steal your identity, they may do any number of different things with it. Usually, however, they open some type of credit card or borrow money in some way - using your name - and then do not pay back those debts.

Identity protection helps you to see when your information is being used. With various packages from Identity Guard, you'll be given the opportunity to monitor your credit report. Your credit report is a source of information about your credit accounts, public records information, and borrowing behavior. With Identity Guard, you can see if something odd shows up on your credit report - for instance, a credit card that you did not open. You can then look into why that credit card was opened, who opened it, and from where it came. This can help you to catch an identity thief as soon as he takes any type of action.

Services such as Identity Guard do more than just let you look at your credit report, though. Certain types of suspicious activity or behavior will trigger the alert to be sent to you. This means that even when you aren't actively watching or monitoring, Identity Guard is watching out for you.

Keeping track of your personal details has become more challenging than ever in an Internet age when so much information is shared digitally around the world. Services like Identity Guard that offer ID protection and fraud protection can help you to stay safe. Learn more about Identity Guard and identity theft protection.