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The Resource Center Child Identity Theft & Protection | article

How to Handle the Stress of Digital Drama

Teenagers can be cruel, and the hallways of any high school can be rife with bullies, mean girls, and catty cliques that make it a stressful period for any kid hoping to just make it to graduation with a social status in check. However, the dangers of a high school setting are nothing compared with the stresses of the internet, where digital drama can lead not only to hurt feelings, but even such threats as identity theft.

In order to curb any digital drama in your life, take the following tips to heart when dealing with stressful situations online.

  • Keep your cell phone locked with a password so that if it falls into the hands of a mischievous peer, they won’t be able to access your personal information. This will also help you in the event that an identity thief gets a hold of your mobile device and tries to use your identification info stored on there to ruin your good name.
  • Switch off any geotagging or location tagging so that your location isn’t evident to anyone you are communicating with on your phone unless you trust them and tell them your whereabouts yourself.
  • If you’re being harassed by someone on the internet or think that it might be leaving you vulnerable to ID theft, simply walk away from social media or put your cell phone away and give yourself time to cool off.
  • Communicate with an adult or a parent if you are either being harassed by a peer or you believe that your identity may be at risk.
  • Don’t use technology as a weapon and work on building, and sustaining, a positive online reputation.