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How to Pack For A Beach Party

Beach parties are a blast for people of any age, as there is nothing like hitting the shore knowing that there will be food and drinks aplenty for you to enjoy well after the sun goes down. Whether you are gathering around a bonfire or are simply catching some rays with a group of friends or family members, there is no better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by gathering by the shore.

However, in the case of parties on public beaches, you’re almost assuredly going to be sharing the sand with strangers, and this means that you can’t guarantee that everyone on the shore has the best intentions. Whenever there are large crowds, no matter what the setting, there is an increased risk that an identity thief is mingling among them.

In any public setting, it’s hard to keep track of certain belongings

If you bring your purse or wallet with you to the beach, you aren’t likely going to bring it down to the water with you or wear it while you play volleyball with the rest of the attendees. But if you leave your identification, credit card or debit card unattended with your towel and sun chair, someone outside of the party could easily swoop in and steal them from you putting you at risk for identity theft.

This is especially true at nighttime beach parties, as visibility is low outside of the bonfire, and a thief working by darkness is much more likely to successfully make off with your identification. If you throw alcohol in the mix, you are even more likely to lose track of your belongings as your main focus is probably set on having fun.

Food is fine, but leave the debit card at home

Avoid bringing as many of these items to the beach with you as you can altogether if possible so that the risk of them getting snatched during your party is eliminated completely. Bring any food, drinks or other supplies you may need, a few dollars cash as backup, and just the necessary identification you may need – like a license – should an official ask for it.
Start the summer off right by investing in a credit monitoring program that will help keep track of your financial activity throughout the season. These programs won’t prevent identity theft from happen, but they will warn you to certain suspicious or unauthorized activity that’s taking place in your name that is having a negative effect on your credit score. It’s up to you to be sure that you act wisely about sharing information or keeping it out of harms way.