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How Identity Theft Can Ruin the Perfect Honeymoon

As most couples will tell you, choosing the perfect honeymoon location is almost as important — if not more so — than planning the ultimate wedding. This is, after all, when you and your partner will finally get to relax and enjoy your first days together as a married couple. Because so much emphasis is put on finding a honeymoon location that will not only feel like paradise, but also not empty your bank account, you may tempted to resort to desperate measures.

There are a lot of offers on the Internet that promise a dream vacation in paradise for almost no cost, aimed specifically at newlyweds looking to have the perfect honeymoon. Although these offers may promise a hotel stay for practically nothing, you may end up paying big time in the long term if you don't take certain steps to protect your identity.

Your email may already be on a list that scammers can access
When you enter gift registries online for your wedding, your name may get automatically lumped into a database that will make you eligible for offers targeting young couples. Although this may be beneficial and spawn some real great deals, not all of the promotions you receive will necessarily give you what they offer.

Instead, many scammers will gain access to your email address and send you a virus that will scan your hard drive for sensitive information. If you have any files on your computer that contain banking information, your credit card number or personal identification information, the virus may be able to access it.

There is no such thing as a free honeymoon
Other times, an offer may ask you to provide your banking or credit information even though they are advertising a free vacation. In these cases especially, be wary before filling out any forms — most free offers are really too good to be true and, instead of a vacation, you may just end up with a damaged credit score.

The last thing you want is to start off your marriage on a bad foot with a damaged credit report instead of a dream honeymoon. So you should look for websites from businesses that you recognize and possibly check to see if they have been approved by the Better Business Bureau. You have your whole life ahead of you to impress your significant other, so if you can't afford a perfect honeymoon, don't make yourself vulnerable to identity theft in trying to do so.