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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Identity Theft Protection and Generation Y

According to a study conducted by J.D. Powers and Associates, individuals in the age bracket between 19 and 30 years old, commonly referred to as Generation Y, are by far the least concerned with pursuing identity theft protection than any other demographic group. Because these individuals aren’t interested in finding ways to identify theft, they are at an increased risk for becoming victims of this damaging crime.

“Younger consumers tend to be more tech-savvy than older consumers, which gives them several benefits in protecting against identity theft,” Carter Truong, senior manager in the J.D. Power and Associates Web Intelligence Division, said in a press release. “However, younger people also tend to have more of a presence online, leaving them open to more chances for identity theft.”

And while modern electronics may inherently have more identity theft protection programs and technology built in, this generation tends to have a poor attitude toward seeking to identify theft.

For instance, while the survey found 83 percent of baby boomers surveyed were highly concerned about fraud and 79 percent of the members of Generation X, only 47 percent of Generation Y-ers showed the same level of concern regarding identity theft protection.

A simple way for those in this demographic group to help identify theft is by enrolling in an identity theft protection service that will keep an eye on their credit scores for them. There is never a full-proof way to stop this crime for happening, but putting up even a minor guard is better than leaving yourself fully exposed.