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Hold On Tight To Your Identity on the Fourth Of July

Identity Theft is not what you want to think about on Independence Day. There is perhaps no more patriotic a holiday than the Fourth of July, as millions of Americans across the country take part in festivities to celebrate our country’s independence. This event is characterized by fireworks, musical concerts and backyard barbecues, not to mention an abundance of red, white and blue.

Across the country in small towns and major cities there are large public festivities planned every year to celebrate the big day. In most situations, these individuals will come together to see massive sponsored fireworks displays put on for the entire community to enjoy.

Whenever there’s a large crowd, risk of identity theft is heightened

While going out and celebrating the big day is something that everyone should be able to experience safely, there are always precautions that need to be taken when celebrating the big day to ensure your personal safety. Not only could you get physically injured in the crowd on a holiday like the Fourth of July, but you may even find yourself unwittingly becoming a victim of identity theft while taking part in the festivities.

Anytime you are in a large crowd there is an increased threat of personal theft because it is easy to get distracted and lose track of your belongings. While jostling up against strangers to get a good look at a parade or focusing all of your attention on the fireworks display instead of your wallet a thief could easily snatch your license, credit or debit card without you even knowing.

Travel light and wisely, only bringing the essentials

Only take the necessary documentation with you when you go out during the holiday so that you don’t run the risk of misplacing any of it during the party. Carry cash and leave the debit or credit card at home so that if a thief does victimize you they at least won’t be able to ruin your credit score. All items that you do bring with you should remain on your person at all times, as bags and purses are much easier to misplace and leave behind.
To celebrate the holiday, look into a credit monitoring program so that you another set of eyes will be watching over your credit report for you. The founding fathers may not have had credit scores, but they were financially responsible, and you should be too.