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The International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations Comes to Las Vegas

For 10 years, the International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations (ITNG) has been the premier gathering place for members of the IT community to come together and share their collected knowledge on advances in the field. For 2013, the event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 15-17, and give out numerous awards to students and professionals who have helped advance the field.

Applications of IT to the domains of astronomy, biology, education, geosciences, security and healthcare are just a few of the subjects that will be covered at the conference. Attendees will be sharing tools, prototypes and research in a collaborative environment, although organizers will be giving awards to those who have done the most over the last year to expand the horizons of IT.

Students from around the world are recognized annually
Submissions are accepted by the organization for the Best Student Paper award, which is given to an individual who is the sole author or the first author and primary contributor to a report that deals with IT in a specific application. Past winners have come from all over the world, such as 2012 winner Atif Ali Khan of the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom for "Multilevel Graph Partitioning Scheme to Solve Traveling Salesman Problem," or Rick Jones of the University of Virginia for "System-Aware Cyber Security" in 2011.

Even serves as a stepping stone into the professional IT community
ITNG also awards the Best Poster Paper award for shorter works that succinctly explain a given topic based upon "significance, clarity, technical soundness and quality of presentation," according to the ITNG guidelines. As well, all submissions will be considered for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, making ITNG an important stepping stone for anyone looking to make their mark in the field.

In the past, many different corporations and government agencies have lent their support to ITNG by hosting exhibitions. The National Security Agency, for example, will host an exhibition about Internet security that touches upon topics including identity theft and safe practices online.