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The Resource Center Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring | article

June is the most popular month for weddings – and a big season for identity theft

In ancient times – think all the way back to ancient Greece – it was common practice for couples to get married in June, as the goddess Juno – the month’s namesake – would make sure the union was prosperous and the couple would have good luck. This is where the term “June Bride” came from, and this tradition of wedding during the first month of summer has carried on for thousands of years.

It makes sense that couples who don’t buy into the philosophy that a June wedding will result in a happier union would still wed in this month. After all, the temperatures are finally warmer – though not oppressive, like they tend to get in July and August – making it the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. Just because conditions are prime for a beautiful ceremony, if you don’t plan correctly for the nuptials, you could be setting yourself up not for a life of wedded bliss, but long-term financial turmoil as a result of identity theft.

Applying for paperwork inappropriately could leave you vulnerable

It’s extremely easy to have your identity stolen when you wed the one you love, as personal documents from both sides of the aisle need to be exchanged, applied for and modified once you engage in matrimony. Applying for a marriage certificate, for example, requires you to hand over your most basic – and vulnerable – identification information in order to have it filed. You’ll be asked to supply your Social Security card, birth certificate and other documents during this process, and if they fall into the wrong hands, a thief could wreak havoc on your credit report, opening up accounts in your name and ultimately leaving you to foot the bill.

Reviewing your credit report and having a system to monitor your credit score after you apply for a marriage license could make the difference between a happy bride or groom and a very stressed out one.

It’s a personal process – be sure to keep it that way

When you are going to apply for a marriage certificate, do so in person at your local town or city hall, and never online. This information is too sensitive to send over the internet, and there are many scammers out there promising a marriage certificate that only run off with your identity and hinder your wedding.

Keep these belongings close at hand and be sure to track their whereabouts throughout the application process. As a couple, look into enrolling in a credit monitoring process that will keep an eye on your financial activity and warn you about any unauthorized purchases that may be having an adverse affect on your credit report.