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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Low Paid Employees At Risk of Committing ID Theft

While the national economy is still emerging from the rubble of the Great Recession, it seems as though the risk of ID Theft is greater now than ever before. With people increasingly finding themselves in dire financial straits, it is imperative that every American looks into the best identity theft protection possible so that their already stressed fiscal outlook isn’t only further compounded. However, while those of us with less-than-ideal credit scores need to do all we can to maintain what little standing we have financially, others who aren’t making enough money for themselves are turning to a risky life of crime to finance their expenses.

This was the case of one Mississippi nurses aid who turned to ID theft in at least two incidences, making victims out of clients who had trusted her to take care of their well being. However, because she was in a job that didn’t pay well enough to support herself, she thought that this activity might be able to help her get on her feet.

The crime didn’t pay off, as she was caught and charged with two counts of the crime. Now, she not only faces jail time and a hefty fee for the crime, but termination from her job as well as bad prospects in finding future employers.

With the economy in its current state of volatility, the best identity theft protection is an essential for all citizens, especially those who have to share personal information with individuals who may not be getting paid their dues. ID theft is never the best policy, and those who have the crime committed against them are never the only victims.