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Mobile Parental Controls Could Be Key to Identity Theft Protection

It’s more than likely that your child will find it difficult to identify theft when they are surfing the web on the family computer. The same rings true when it comes to their mobile devices, as the very hackers and viruses that litter the internet on a traditional computer are equally present on cell phones that go online. That’s why parents need to utilize the monitoring, filtering and usage controls that mobile phone companies offer their customers. Here is a brief rundown of the devices available.

Usage controls

The initial benefit of implementing usage controls is that you can keep your child’s activity in check while also making sure they don’t overrun your bill. For instance, if your son or daughter is a serial texter, many service providers will allow you to put a limit on how many the phone will allow in a month. The same is true for videos, pictures or other digital content that have a tendency to not only weigh heavily on your phone bill, but may be inappropriate for your child’s age bracket. But by limiting how much content your child is allowed to download, you are also preventing some of the easiest avenues for hackers to access your child’s personal information from being opened, which will be a great mode of id theft protection.

Content filtering

Can you identify theft just by looking at a certain website, or simply know addresses you don’t want your child visiting? Many mobile devices allow you to simply put blocks on entire neighborhoods of the internet. that could leave your child vulnerable to this crime.

Location monitoring and settings

It may seem a little big brother, but if  you suspect your child may be dishonest about their whereabouts or are worried about their well being, you can access a GPS to keep track of their comings and goings.