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The Resource Center Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring | article

Monitor Your Credit to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Threats

AAA Hawaii conducted an Annual Holiday Season Travel and Shopping Poll of roughly 250 residents of the island to gauge not just how they will be shopping for their loved ones’ Christmas presents but how aware they are of the very real threat of identity theft present during this time of year.

Of those polled, 76 percent indicated that they would primarily make their purchases using either a debit or credit card as opposed to traditional cash or check methods. However, four out of every ten people surveyed indicated that they had very little, if any, concern about the risk of fraud taking place during this time of year. What is most alarming about this statistic is the fact that over the course of the past three years, stolen data being used in less than a week - for example, ID theft of a credit card where a thief is able to use the account information, make a purchase, and have it delivered pretty much overnight – has jumped from 33 percent to 71 percent.

This all indicates that a lack of credit monitoring is exactly what criminals are depending on during the holiday season to succeed in stealing information to make purchases of their very own. While the means for stealing credit card or checking account information become more and more sophisticated and difficult to combat every day, it’s simple mistakes that stem from a hapless attitude toward wealth preservation that thieves are able to profit from most.

Before you hit up the shops this holiday season, enroll in a credit monitoring service with a proven track record of success in helping its customers retain their good credit and therefore have an enjoyable holiday season.