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Never Forget Another Password

Forgotten password

Everyone has their own system for remembering the usernames and passwords of the websites we use on a daily basis. Some keep passwords saved in files on their computer, others use sticky notes, and now they even make travel size notebooks specifically for logging all of your online account details to carry with you at all times. But these are not safe practices and are a gold mine of your personal information in the wrong hands.

Managing your passwords is not an easy task, especially when you consider just how good identity thieves and hackers have gotten at stealing personal information. With the recent Heartbleed bug discovery, you should update your passwords at any site that was impacted even though it doesn't appear any data was stolen. Better safe than sorry!

With so many usernames and passwords to update how can you remember to update them all? Easy. Use a password manager software. Password managers are a tool to help you organize and manage your usernames and passwords securely where they cannot be accessed by identity thieves. If you're already using one, they would not have protected you against the Heartbleed bug, but they do make it much easier to quickly access all of your accounts so you can update your passwords.

There are many different password management tools available today, including SafeConnexTM from Identity Guard. SafeConnex is a safe, convenient software that lets you store all of your user name and password information in a single, secure location. Here’s how it works:

  • Securely encrypts and stores all of your passwords — only you have access to them.
  • Saves your information — credit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes, shipping address and more — on your favorite websites giving you the convenience of one click access.
  • Creates a secure wall around your browsing session protecting you from malicious software and keylogging attacks.
  • Safe Search feature rates sites before you click.
  • SafeConnex software is free, even if you don’t have an Identity Guard membership. Learn more.