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PayPal Makes Consumers Safer from Credit Card Theft Prevention

Credit card theft is just one of many forms of id theft that you need to be wary of. Many individuals think that all you need to do to make sure your credit account information doesn’t get stolen is to hold your card close to you when you hit up the mall and kept under lock and key when you aren’t using it. However, thieves aren’t looking to get their hands on your plastic when compromising your line of credit, as there are many different ways to use a persons credit to make purchase and destroy a credit score.

When you go shopping online, for instance, you aren’t scanning your credit card but entering the information into a database to make a purchase that takes from your line of credit. All you need to do is supply  your number, expiration date and security code, and you can buy as much as you’d like within your credit limit.

The danger here is that if you put this information into a website that doesn’t have adequate security settings, a hacker or scammer could easily view all of this sensitive information and use it to commit credit card theft. The same is true if you decide to share this info on an open public network because there is no way of telling who could be sharing your connection in the hopes of committing id theft.

Programs like PayPal, however, are designed to make using your credit or debit card for online shopping a safer experience. An account with PayPal grants you access to a program with a proven record of powerful security that will contain all of this sensitive account information, allow you to make purchases using your credit or debit card, all without having to hand over your account numbers to a second online party.

Along with a credit monitoring service and, of course, common sense, these programs help guarantee that you can rest assured shopping online that there are safe guards in place against identity theft.