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Make Sure Your Home Is Prepared for an Easter Celebration

Being the host is never an easy task — especially when it comes to large family holidays. From preparing the food to getting the house clean, events like Easter can be pretty stressful for the person hosting the event. If you've offered to have the whole family over for the holiday, the pressure is likely on to make sure that this is an event everyone will remember fondly for years to come.

The best way to go about making sure your family's Easter goes off without a hitch is to make a checklist of preparations that you need to complete leading up to the big day. While some of the items on this checklist — like buying a honey ham, polishing silverware and bringing out the fine china — are givens, there are other tasks that you'll want to add to the holiday prep to protect your identity during Easter.

You can't monitor everyone at a party
While you may trust your loved ones not to take advantage of your personal identification information — such as your Social Security number — to steal your identity, you can never be too safe. This is especially true when you are having a lot of guests over for a big party and will have a hard time keeping track of everyone's whereabouts.

Often, individuals will use the holidays as an opportunity to introduce a significant other to the family. Other times, a friend may have nowhere to spend the holidays, and one of your family members may offer to take them in as a surrogate family for the day. While your relatives may trust this person, they are a complete stranger to you. Of course you should be hospitable, but take a few steps to make sure that your important documents and information are secured.

Do your best to lock your valuables away
If you have a home office with a filing cabinet, this is a great place to lock away birth certificates, Social Security cards and other important documents over the holiday. You should also lock away any of your credit or debit cards in these filing cabinets — you won't be doing any shopping in your own home during Easter, so don't leave these cards in a place where they may be stolen.

By taking these steps, you'll be able to rest more assured knowing that your credit score is less likely to be damaged because of identity theft during Easter. You should also look into credit monitoring so that you have someone helping you keep an eye on your certain changes to your credit, just in case some activity takes place that could damage your credit in the long run.