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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

What’s So Important About Protecting Your Identity?

The fact is, in today’s world more personal information about you is publicly available. While this can make certain things like online shopping easier and more convenient, your personal information can sometimes fall into the wrong hands. The good thing is by being more aware about the daily use of your personal information and potential identity theft, you can take steps to stay proactively protected and in control.

So, How Do Identity Thieves Get My Personal Information?
Criminals will go to extremes sometimes, and you might be surprised by the methods they’ll use to get the better of you. Just a few of the ways may be:

  • Posing as a legitimate business, person, or government official to get you to provide your personal information.
  • Going through your mail or filling out a change of address form to redirect your personal and business mail to them.
  • Using a camera phone to take pictures of your credit card or other check while you complete a retail transaction.
  • Sending you emails that appear to be from legitimate organizations urging you to “respond immediately” about an account issue.

How Can I Protect Myself?
Identity Guard® provides you with complete protection that’s easy to access, easy to maintain, and affordable. It gives you the early warning signs you need to help keep criminals from taking advantage of you by monitoring your credit and personal information — such as your public records, Social Security number, credit cards and more — and alerting you to suspicious activity or changes that are detected. We watch your identity so you can rest easy.

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