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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

QUIZ: What Kind of Cyber Citizens Are You?

As confident as you may be about how prepared you are to avoid the pratfalls of identity theft, you can never be 100 percent shielded from this crime. Thieves are constantly adapting their techniques, making identity theft prevention harder than ever to accomplish. But even having a basic understanding of what activity will make you a prime target for theft will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t have to go through the lengthy and arduous process of cleaning up after theft.

Even if you are confident that you are doing the right things when it comes to identity theft, you may have students, personnel or even your own children who you fear may not be acting as wisely as they need to when they are online. If this is the case, you need to be sure to quiz these individuals so that they don’t put themselves, and by extension you, at risk for identity theft.

The National Cyber Security Alliance has created a resource for individuals to use that will quiz anyone who uses the internet on how prepared they are to navigate the web without putting themselves at risk for identity theft. The quiz covers the basics about being a good cyber citizen, emphasizing an increased focus on taking steps to maintain privacy and avoid potential malware. The quiz goes over the basics of using the most popular websites and programs, putting forward scenarios that people frequently find themselves in while online that, if handled incorrectly, could lead to theft.

Passing this test isn’t the only thing an individual needs to do to prevent identity theft from occurring. Updating security features on your internet-connected devices and enlisting in programs that offer protection from identity theft are also important parts of being a good cyber citizen.