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The Resource Center Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring | article

So, you’re finally ready to make that big purchase, huh?

Well, not so fast. Sure, you may have a stellar credit score now, but have you considered what your credit may look like after making such a huge investment?

Credit Analyzer, the "What if?" credit calculator conveniently located in the Identity Guard® Member Area (membership required), can give you the unique perspective you need. And, it's easy to use — just choose the scenario you'd like to simulate. We'll use your actual credit data to show you how that scenario could affect your credit. It's a great way to evaluate the potential repercussions or benefits of the financial decisions you make — before they impact your credit.

For instance, if you want to see how buying a car can make your credit score go up or down, click on "Open a New Installment Loan", then select "Auto Loan" from the list. Add in a few details and, based on your results, you may decide that waiting just a few more months — and paying off one of your credit cards — will put you in a much stronger place to buy that car. Or, it may prove that now really is the best time to make that purchase.

So, what will your next financial move be? That part of the equation is up to you, of course. Neither Identity Guard nor Credit Analyzer can make that kind of decision for you, but we can help you make a more informed decision about your credit situation. Plus, you can use the calculators over and over again for a number of different financial scenarios — anytime!

Learn More:

  • If you’re already an Identity Guard member and have credit monitoring as part of your service, log into our Member Area to try Credit Analyzer now. You'll find it in your Identity Dashboard under the Credit tab — just click on "Analyzer".
  • If you are not an Identity Guard member yet, find an identity and credit monitoring plan that works best for you — then try out our Credit Analyzer tool.