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Report Says 2% of Cellphones Are Infected with Malware

Skycure's first Mobile Threat Intelligence Report found that 2 percent of cell phones are infected with some sort of malware. Do you ever go anywhere without your cell phone? Do you feel naked when you accidentally leave your cell phone at home for the day? Have you begun thinking of your cell phone as part planner, part butler, part partner-in-crime and extension of yourself?

You're not alone in thinking and behaving this way, which is why keeping our cell phones safe and secure is more important than ever.

Skycure has announced the results of its first ever Mobile Threat Intelligence Report, which found that 2 percent of cell phones are infected with malware and that 41 percent of mobile devices are at medium to high risk on the Skycure scale.

Based on global mobile data from Skycure and outside sources between July and September 2015, the report also found that most devices are not capable of fighting threats and that more than 52 percent of all devices do not have passcodes enabled.

This is extremely troubling news, but not entirely surprising, as we've mentioned before most of us use the same password on multiple online accounts severely diluting the security of a strong, unique password.
And it's not just our password security that is lacking—the report states that 26 percent of iOS devices have an out-of-date operating system and one in three Android devices have an out-of-date operating system.

Obviously, we're not doing enough to protect ourselves. Skycure says that "user behavior is the #1 cause behind risky devices." Remember, you are your best line of defense:

  • Update your operating systems.
  • Do not download apps from third-party vendors unless they are well-known and vetted.
  • Create strong and unique passwords for all of your online accounts, especially a password to get into your phone.
  • Do not access sensitive information through unsecured wi-fi connections.