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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

Identity Theft Risk Factor: Financing on the Internet

The ease of using today’s online environment makes the idea of banking and shopping online seem ordinary. It’s easy and convenient, and accessible around the clock. But as you continue to bank and shop on the Internet, you should make sure to stay aware of the possibility of identity theft.

What’s at risk:

  • You don’t worry about identity theft because you think your credit score won’t be affected if a mistake is found and corrected. But correcting the error can take several months and, until then, you may have a criminal record, be denied credit or have a hard time changing health insurance providers.
  • You think you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges, and that your bank’s insurance will cover your risk. But they most likely will, although your life could be put on hold until your financial situation is corrected. Imagine living without credit cards, a cell phone or Internet access — or with a faulty criminal record.
  • You think identity theft victims must have been careless with their information. But… being cautious doesn’t equal security. Many careful people have become victims of identity theft.

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