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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

SANS 2013 Brings Cyber Security Professionals to Orlando, March 8-15

Cybersecurity is an issue that individuals and businesses have been struggling with for more than three decades now, as hackers get increasingly sophisticated every year and the challenge of battling identity theft over the Internet only gets greater. From widespread security breaches at major corporations to hackers simply attacking the personal computers of everyday households, it seems that these criminals will take any opportunity they can to steal personal identification information.

One group that has been leading the way in protecting individuals from identity theft every year is SANS, which is names from the popular acronym for "system administration and networking security." Formed in 1989, this group has spearheaded efforts to educate members of the cybersecurity industry for generations of computer users. Every year, SANS hosts a global conference that brings lecturers and professionals in the field together to share knowledge, network and ultimately strengthen the efforts of the group to make the Internet a safer place for businesses and individuals to operate.

For a whole week, attendees are immersed in the latest information
This year's conference, SANS 2013, will be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel near Disney World. Forty-three instructors have been booked to lead 46 different classes over the course of the event from March 8-15. In all, the conference aims to offer an education in seven disciplines, ranging from how to work with different operating systems to the latest trends in online theft.

Many courses can be used toward SANS certification
A lot of the classes held at the conference can help attendees earn credits toward a master's degree from the SANS Institute, which offers a number of different specializations for security professionals to explore. A large portion the classes can actually be attended remotely by those looking to earn credit, meaning those who aren't able to make it to the conference can still participate in some of the premier events.

More than 165,000 security professionals from around the world rely on SANS to provide the best in immersive training against online threats. The group hosts classes regularly in more than 90 cities across the world, but the 2013 SANS offers a unique opportunity for the greatest minds in the field to share their knowledge and expertise.