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Securing your home network a key tenet of identity theft protection

Digital identity theft is fast becoming the most common way that individuals are getting victimized by this crime. By not taking proper steps to shield your home network from the crime – as well as seeking out an identity monitor to ensure that a second set of eyes is keeping tabs on your ID – your entire family could find themselves in serious financial turmoil. Here are a few tips and tricks to securing your wireless router to give your family optimal identity theft protection.

  • Give your router a unique name – Dupe anyone who is looking at available networks by disguising your home’s router with a name that won’t easily trace the wireless connection back to your family.
  • Change the pre-set password – Mix up letters, numbers and symbols when you are deciding on a new password for your router, and don’t be afraid to make the password as long as possible.
  • Choose the best security options – There are generally three security packages available. In order from weakest to strongest, they are WEP, WPA and WPA2. Be wise and go with the latter one.
  • Guest network may be helpful – Instead of handing out your password frequently to numerous visitors, create a guest network for those invited to use your internet and create unique passwords for each.

Use a Firewall

Often, your identity monitor will include an anti-virus software that will scan incoming emails and files for viruses. However, for even greater identity theft protection, implement a firewall that will block communications with your router and systems you don’t permit.