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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Five Unbelievable Cases of Identity Theft

Putting up safeguards from identity thieves requires much more than just avid credit monitoring – and even if you monitor your credit score, there is never a 100 percent guarantee that you can detect or prevent the crime from happening. However, having your identity stolen doesn’t always just mean a bruised financial profile. Here are a few strange cases of theft that will really make you think twice about the threat of identity theft:

  • Thirty-three-year-old Wendy Brown faces charges for stealing her 15-year-old daughter’s identity in hopes of enrolling and graduating from high school and even joining the cheerleading squad.
  • In order to attend classes at an Ivy League school and obtain employment, Elizabeth Esther Reed used the name of a missing South Carolina girl on applications, and was eventually able to obtain employment. She later plead guilty to fraud and identity theft charges.
  • Gerald Barnes has been arrested numerous times for stealing the identities of licensed doctors to practice medicine, having never been to medical school himself.
  • A woman from the Czech Republic has been imprisoned for stealing the identities of several children over the years, including a 13-year-old boy, and successfully duping school officials. It is believed she has a mental disorder, as the reason for this theft isn’t clear.
  • One Brooklyn busboy went so far as to get credit cards and access the accounts of some of the country’s richest individuals, walking around with Steven Spielberg’s and Oprah Winfrey’s credit card or checking account information.