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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Smart Houses Causing Security Concerns

While we aren’t quite living the hyper-futuristic lifestyles depicted in classic television shows like “The Jetsons,” our lifestyles are still far more advanced technologically than many had imagined they would be just a generation ago. Even though we don’t live in towering space needles or fly in rockets to work every day, our homes and automobiles are still significantly more sophisticated thanks to computers and the internet than ever before.

The latest phenomenon in modern living is occupying residences that are characterized as “smart homes.” These abodes essentially automate every aspect of the domestic experience imaginable, making controlling your home’s appliances, lighting and security features as convenient as possible. However, just as your desktop computer or smartphone are susceptible to hackers that are looking to commit identity theft, so too is your smart home if it and the many devices attached throughout were to be compromised by thieves.

“It’s like they’re controlling your house like you would be,” Tom Bridge, a D.C.-area tech expert, told Washington, D.C., news source ABC 7. “They’re turning up the temperature, turning down the temperature, unlocking your door, looking at your video camera systems.”

But these thieves aren’t just messing with your home, but using things such as your house’s surveillance system to access personal identification information that could be used to steal your identity.

Make sure that any internet-connected smart device in your home is password protected and that your secret code is not easy to crack. Also, take this opportunity to invest in credit score monitoring so that if a thief is making purchases in your name and ruining your credit score, you’ll be alerted to the potentially fraudulent activity in time that you can take steps to stop it in its tracks.