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The Resource Center Child Identity Theft & Protection | article

Study Shows More Toddlers Are Using Mobile Devices than Ever Before

Less than a decade ago, it would be hard to imagine that mobile devices would become as sophisticated as they are today, let alone that they would be as prevalent among youngsters as they are today. In fact, a recent study from Common Sense Media, a family research group, found that roughly 38 percent of all toddlers have had experience using a tablet, smart phone or other mobile device, many before they can even form full sentences.

These products are used by kids to play games, watch videos and pretty much partake in any other kind of multimedia that mobile devices allow adults to do. While this figure represents research from 2012, just a year earlier, the same demographic who had already used a smartphone or tablet was only 10 percent.

“We’re seeing a fundamental change in the way kids consume media,” Common Sense Media CEO and founder Jim Steyer told Mashable. “Kids that can’t even talk will walk up to a TV screen and try to swipe it like an iPad or an iPhone.”

While there are many pros and cons to this development, one troubling aspect of this activity is the fact that the personal identification information that is stored on these devices can easily get exposed if a child who isn’t aware of the dangers of identity theft misuses your mobile.

If you have kids and allow them to use your mobile devices, make sure that you  educate them on the dangers of ID theft as they grow up so you or them don’t become victims.  If you have a credit monitoring service on your side as well, you can be alerted to certain activity that could be a sign of identity theft should your information get compromised.