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Teach Dad A Lesson About Identity Theft This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and even though Dad may have taught you everything he knows about being an adult and acting responsibly, there are still a few things he may have neglected to warn you about when it comes to being a successful adult.

Depending on how old your father is, the threat of identity theft may have been much less greater when he was growing up than it is for your generation. While we have to contend with all of the dangers of the internet – from online shopping to even email hackers – your parents might have only had to worry about having their wallets physically stolen when they were raising you when it came to identity theft.

It’s easier than ever to have your identity stolen these days

In this day and age, protecting your identity requires more than simply keeping track of your credit card and credit score monitoring. Thieves are more sophisticated than ever, and it seems like every day there is news about a major identity theft ring being broken up with many of the victims having no idea that the theft had even occurred.

It’s not just plastic that thieves are after

Today, thieves are looking to steal specific personal identification information to open up new accounts in your name. While they would love to steal your actual credit card or gain access to your checking account, they don’t actually need any plastic to rob you blind and destroy your credit score.

This Father’s Day, along with getting him that tie or set of tools he’s come to expect, have a chat with Dad about the threat of identity theft in modern times. Explain to him that there are smart steps he can take to help keep his finances in check, like credit monitoring, which will act as a second set of eyes over his activity and alert him to any suspicious behavior that may be the work of an identity thief.