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Theft of Identity by State Employees Made Possible Because They Have Access to Personal Information

Any time you enter your name and personal identification information into a database, you are making yourself all the more susceptible to identity theft. Not only do hackers target these kinds of massive storage holds, but even the individuals you trust to protect or oversee a database may not be the honest individuals you think they are.

This was the case in Alabama, when a former employee of the state’s employee insurance board who had access to all of the insured individual employed by the local government’s personal information – from medical histories to Social Security numbers – stole this data and committed theft of identity.

Chequlia Motley of Montgomery was ultimately sentenced to 36 months in jail for stealing the information of more than 100 state workers. What’s worse is she collaborated with at least three other individuals to sell off these identities in a major theft ring.

It was in May of 2013 that Motley admitted to theft of identity, and was forced not only to serve jail time for the crime but also to pay $179,946  in restitution back to the state. Her co-conspirators –  Veronica Temple, Yolanda Moses and Barbara Murry – have a history of tax fraud and have each been sentenced in the past to 57 months in prison for identity theft.

State employees have access to a lot of personal data. Monitoring your personal information can help you find out if you have been a victim of a state employee.