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Tips for Defense Against Major Data Breaches

Tips for Defense Against

Major data breaches are always headline news as, in some cases at least, the personal identification information of millions of individuals can be compromised resulting in a mountain of debt for each victim to try and conquer. This is why all companies, whether they hold the employment information of thousands of workers or even a small business owner who manages a staff of less than a dozen, need to take appropriate steps in order to protect their employees’ identities.

Here are a few tips to help defend and recuperate from identity theft that you need to implement as soon as possible.

  • Make sure all customer and employee data are stored in encrypted databases so that there are shield up between authorized personnel and thieves
  • You should be sure that you have multi-level passwords to access any of this information and do your vest to change them on a regular basis
  • It’s not that you shouldn’t trust your employees, but don’t do so blindly. Run background checks on anyone who has access to this information so that you can ensure no suspicious characters are snooping around your database
  • Firewalls need to be up and secure on all software your business uses, including any data storage devices, so malware protection needs to be up to date and running at all times
  • Most computers have standard network security and health controls, so be sure to take advantage of them and run them as frequently as possible
  • Put a disaster plan in place should a breach occurs – it’s impossible to 100 percent prevent theft from happening, so always be prepared for the worst.