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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

Tips for Choosing a Unique Password

When it comes to choosing a password, be unique. In the case of internet passwords, being too predictable could lead to a thief getting your personal information, which could lead to a criminal making a serious mess of your child’s credit report.

Different Password on Every Site

Do not use the same password for all online accounts. It may be easier remembering only one keyword or phrase, but once this password is cracked, a criminal will have access to everything. Children (and adults) need to use a unique and creative password for every online account, especially for any banking or credit accounts they may manage from their computer.

Don’t be an Open Book

A good password isn’t something that can be easily guessed. Do not use the names of friends, pets or any other information that is easily obtained elsewhere. The obvious aspects of a child’s personality are the first thing a hacker will guess when they try and get into the online account.

Throw the Hacker Off

A good practice is to use words you would not find in the dictionary. If a password is made up of numbers, characters and symbols and would never pass a spell check, then a hacker is not likely to figure it out.

If the password is too easy to guess, it could lead to serious financial hardships. Experienced identity thieves are good at gaining access to Social Security numbers, and not adding variety to your login information makes theft easier.

Children need to be aware that repetition could lead to serious damage to their credit score.