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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Tips to Avoid ID Theft for Job Hunters

The job market can be a scary place, with many applicants hoping that they can beat the competition to securing a position to provide for them and their families before so that they don’t have to live another week without a paycheck. However, one consideration that many applicants don’t tend to worry about is the threat of ID theft and how prevalent this crime is out there on the job market.

You need to do all you can to protect your identity when you are searching for a new career because if you become the victim of theft it could only compromise your prospects of landing a new job even further.

For starters, you may realize that when you are filling out applications, they may ask you for some extremely personal identification information that is all a criminal would need to commit ID theft. Your Social Security number, for instance, is an extremely sensitive code that would give a thief access to not only many of your personal accounts, but even open up new accounts in your name.

You don’t actually need to provide your Social Security number until you have actually been hired and are placed on the payroll. To protect your identity, leave this information blank on your application if you aren’t positive that the job is a sure. thing. Explain this to the person you are applying to if necessary.

If you feel like you may be hurting your chances by not providing such information, be sure that you are applying to a legitimate entity that has the proper security measures in place to help you prevent ID theft.