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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

Tips to help prevent cybercrime so you don’t run the risk of ID theft

With cybercrime getting more and more sophisticated every day, it’s important that you explore the best ways to prevent this act from affecting you and your family so as to avoid ID theft. Along with enrolling in a credit monitoring service to keep an eye on the financial activity taking place in your name, there are many proactive steps you can take to make sure that your information stays private and your hard drive remains intact.

Keep your hardware tidy

  • It’s not enough to just sign up for a cybersecurity package if you aren’t updating it on a regular basis. Thieves adjust their tactics constantly to get around firewalls and security traps in order to access your personal identification information, so you need to be sure you are staying on top of the latest technology as much as they are.
  • Automatic updates are your best friend, as they will give you the most up-to-date protection from ID theft possible without having to be prompted.
  • Your desktop or laptop computer aren’t the only devices that are threatened by cybercriminals. Smartphones, mp3 players, gaming systems and other web-enabled technology all need virus protection to prevent theft.
  • USB devices or other external hardware that you plug into your computer could easily contain unknown malware or virus’ that could compromise your identity. Before allowing any of the information to transfer from external hardware, make sure you have it scanned by your security program.

Take prevention of ID theft a step further by looking for help beyond your security software. A credit monitoring service can help keep an eye out for any strange activity that may be the result of unknown cyber identity theft.