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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

To protect your identity, avoid malware and botnets

The internet is one of the most useful tools on the planet, as almost no one in modern society isn’t connected for at least part of their day in order to do their jobs or even just communicate with friends and family. We conduct most of our business online and even engage with a good portion of our entertainment. As a result, the threat of identity theft online is as prevalent – if not more so – as it is when you deal with individuals face to face.


These computer programs are aimed at harming your computer in an attempt to take information off of your hard drive, as well as use your computer to help the damage spread. They can be transmitted in a variety of ways, whether through email or even a pop-up advertisement, which makes it extremely difficult to protect your identity from a virus.


These programs download themselves onto  your hard drive without your permission, usually in an attempt by hackers to accomplish some form of identity theft at your expense. Essentially, you could either lose control of your activity on this device or be secretly monitored by a thief looking to steal your passwords or account information.


A botnet is a network of computers that have all been infected with some form of malware that are all controlled by a central command device located anywhere on the planet. Essentially, if your computer becomes part of a botnet, it will now do the bidding of another computer, usually to bring its operator financial gain.

Protect your identity by making sure your electronic devices have the most up-to-date security upgrades so you don’t have to combat identity theft.