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The Resource Center Online Security Issues & Protection | article

Tough Love: Connecting With Your Kids on Social Websites

At some point, all parents will embarrass their kids.  They may not want to be seen with you at the mall or have you pick them up early from a friend’s party, but you do these things because you care. Protecting your child from the dangers of the real world includes online dangers.

Be Active Online

Parents need to be where their children are. The only way to really know what your child is doing online is to go straight to the source.

Create a profile for yourself on all of the social media sites your kids are active on. After you’ve become your child’s “friend” or “follower,” you can see what kind of information they are sharing.Protecting Your kids online

Teach Your Kids

Your kids may not like friending their parents, but it is your responsibility to teach your kids online safety. Being where they are is the best way to do that.

A child needs to be armed with the tools necessary to make informed decisions online. Your child may not be fully aware of how personal information can be used for harm. Having never applied for credit of their own, kids don’t realize how hard it is to build a good credit score or maintain a strong credit report.

Not an Invasion of Privacy

Don’t go into this with the intent of snooping on your child, but rather as an opportunity to inform and learn. Your kids will undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes as they grow up. Don't let child identity theft be one of them.