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Travel Light This Easter

Easter is one of those holidays where families travel from near and far to be together and celebrate. Whether that means taking a plane, train or automobile to get to your loved ones for Easter dinner, if you have to make travel accommodations, it's likely to be the one aspect of your holiday that you won't be looking forward to.

While you don't want your commute to your aunt and uncle's house putting a damper on your holiday, you also want to avoid having your credit score damaged as a result of poor planning — especially if you live more than a short car ride away.

Only bring the necessities
If you are flying home for Easter, do all you can to make sure that your identity doesn't get stolen by keeping all of your identification securely on your person. You probably don't need to bring along a passport, Social Security card or your birth certificate, so it is best to only carry your driver's license or state-issued identification with you for the trip.

Avoid carrying your ID with you in a purse or wallet when you travel, as these can easily get lost or stolen in the hustle and bustle of a train station or airport. Instead, carry your license, cash and any cards — debit or credit — in your pocket close to you.

Keep just your clothes in your carry-on
Never leave your identification information or your credit cards in your luggage, whether you are carrying your bags with you or having them stowed away during the trip. Not only could a thief potentially steal your bag, whether at baggage claim or even through your overhead storage compartment, but airlines frequently lose luggage, and you could be left stranded at the airport with no cash or ID.

The repercussions of identity theft will last much longer than just the holiday weekend
To help make yourself less vulnerable to identity theft — not to mention ensuring you don't get stranded at a loved one's house for more than just the Easter holiday —  travel light and keep your important documents with you at all times. You don't want one holiday to have a lasting effect on the rest of your life, and identity theft could result in damage to your credit report that could stay with you for years to come.

Look into an identity monitoring program before you embark on any journey to make sure that you are alerted to certain activity taking place in your name that could affect your credit. This way you may just enjoy a more peaceful holiday.