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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Welcome To College! Now Don’t Do This Online – 5 Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Now that you have entered the independent world of campus life, it’s up to you to stay up on identity theft prevention, and that starts with your activity online. Identity theft runs rampant on social networks at colleges and universities, so keep these facts and tips in mind when you log into your school’s WiFi network.

  1. Potential employers will look at your Facebook profile, and, according McAffee Security, roughly 20 percent of those who took part in a survey say they know someone who has been fired from a job because of their online activity.
  2. Learn from the mistakes of others – if you know someone who lost their job or has become a victim of identity theft because of a social network, take note of what they did precisely and simply don’t do the same. This will help with
  3. Don’t befriend strangers online. This is a key tenant of identity theft prevention – If they are your friend in real life, then feel free to grant them access to your social media profiles.
  4. Hopefully, you aren’t doing anything illegal while at school, but always be aware that someone with a camera could be lurking, and your behavior could be captured on film, then posted on the web.
  5. Keep it clean and avoid using naughty language or swearing on your wall – it just looks unprofessional. Don’t call out any authority figures either because word will always travel back.

Not only will this help you have a more adult online presence, it will also give you more tools for identity theft prevention. Be safe in college so that you can establish yourself as a pro in the real world.