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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

What Members Gen X Need to Know about ID Theft Protection

For individuals who are between the ages of 28 and 45, id theft protection isn’t easy. This generation is taking on more responsibilities – not to mention more debt – as they transition into middle age. This is an important time to maintain financial standing because it is the period of time when people are most likely to want to take out mortgages or loans and establish and identity for themselves.

However, if someone else steals that identity, many years can be spent fighting to restore it. Here are a few risks that often hinder adequate id theft protection for members of Gen X.

  • According to numerous studies, this age group prefers to seek out insurance from resources besides agents, particularly online. This requires, in many cases, for an individual to supply sensitive personal identification information that a thief could use to compromise your identity. If you are conducting any business online, be sure that you are doing so on secure websites and with companies that you are sure you can trust.
  • Members of this generation are also targets for mortgage scams, with fraudulent lenders offering money in exchange for Social Security and bank account numbers. Instead, these criminals only end up draining your funds and running off with your identity. This is another situation where you only want to interact with businesses that have a proven track record of credibility.

ID theft protection should be monitored by regularly perusing an identity theft report supplied by an identity theft service. While total protection can’t be guaranteed, a trusted service can help give Gen X an edge over criminals.