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The Resource Center Child Identity Theft & Protection | article

Why Newborns Need Identity Protection, Too

You may think that your newborn baby is the last person who would need to be concerned about identity protection, but the truth is, newly created Social Security numbers are exactly what the worst thieves are trying to get their hands on. While an identity monitor can be a huge help for older generations, it’s our youngest children that a lot of identity thieves are hoping to take advantage of.

The reason why Social Security numbers of newborns are considered a goldmine for thieves is the fact that until an individual applies for a line of credit or any other account using this code, there is no credit report attached to it. As a result, there is no name associated with the Social Security number either.

This makes it so that if a thief wanted to, they could open up an account using this newborn’s Social Security number but use their own name, attaching a credit report to this code before its rightful owner even knows how to watch.

Newborn identity protection is therefore extremely important as a child’s credit could be destroyed before they ever even take out a loan in their own name. Therefore, parents need to act as an identity monitor for their children and make sure that important documents bearing their kid’s personal identification information is kept secure at all costs. This includes birth certificate and Social Security card and any medical documents you received on their birthday.

You want your child to have their best chance at a successful future, and that starts with protecting your baby as soon as they are born.