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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Will Virtual or Temporary Credit Cards Actually Protect You from Identity Theft?

With holiday shopping posing more threats to identity theft for consumers than it is during any time of year, you need to be extra careful about performing your shopping both in the malls and on retailer websites.

One avenue that shoppers will take in order to curb their risk of ID theft is to do all of their shopping online using a virtual or temporary credit card instead of the plastic that they normally use to shop in person at stores. These cards offer buyers the safety of not having to supply the credit card account that they depend on for regular bill pay on a website that may make them vulnerable to identity theft. However, you need to go about obtaining these credit cards wisely and considering whether or not pursuing this method of holiday shopping is even the right choice for you.

Only open up an account with a card provider with a proven track record of providing identity theft prevention for its customers. For instance, if the credit card provider you currently use offers an online temporary product for your holiday shopping, try sticking with what works rather than opening a line of credit with a new provider. If you choose to give away personal identification information to an online service that is less-than trustworthy, you could find yourself losing it to an identity thief who will only ruin your credit score when you need it to make large purchases most.

Identify theft by holding onto all of your credit card receipts for all purchases you make during the holiday season using your virtual card so that you can combat any purchases that may have been made by a fraudster using your account and your personal information for their own gain.