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Passing the Torch — from One Identity Theft Expert to Another

by Joe Mason on

Since last September, I have had the privilege of sharing with you, in this blog, my thoughts and observations about identity theft, its victims, and the scammers who almost daily try to take advantage of the unsuspecting public.

We here at Intersections, myself and my colleagues, have developed a top-level expertise on the subject of identity theft in our industry, including the more difficult to understand (and combat) topic of child identity theft.  It has been a pleasure for me to share with you any insights I have on these critically important subjects, and I hope you have been able to come away from my blogs with a better understanding of identity theft, a better understanding of the choices you and your kids have when dealing with social media, and especially a better understanding of how to help protect yourself and your family.

As I have told you on a number of occasions I am constantly surprised at the ingenuity of scammers and how the crime of identity theft continues to evolve.  For all of us here at Intersections, understanding identity theft in all its variations continues to be a learning experience.  Every day, it seems, we learn something new or see something new, and I hope I have been able to share what I learn, and that it has helped you, through this blog.

Last year I wrote a book: Bankrupt at Birth, Why Child ID Theft Is on the Rise and How It's Happening Under Parents' Noses.  My co-author on this book was Steve Schwartz, my close collaborator here at Intersections, and a hugely knowledgeable identity theft expert who shares with me a passion to educate as wide an audience as possible on the subject.

I say this by way of an introduction of Steve, who will be taking over this blog. As I have written these blogs — some 66 since September — I have been able to call upon a depth of institutional knowledge around me and this, of course, included Steve.  Now he will take pen to hand and will continue to educate, to advise, and at times to warn you of the ever growing dangers of identity theft.

Steve brings a slightly different perspective to the subject since his kids are older than mine and he and his wife deal with problems of the teen years every day.  Add to this the fact he has access to the same resources that have been available to me, and I know I am leaving you in good hands.