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Get the Daily Shield Identity Theft eBook

by Identity Guard on

We think keeping pace with information on identity theft and credit fraud issues is one of the most important and essential ways to help you protect your identity. That's why we've compiled some of the best advice we've blogged about in our new eBook — and it's absolutely FREE!

Rather than spending hours searching the Internet for bits of information about identity theft and fraud protection, Identity Guard® has compiled a comprehensive one-stop identity theft protection resource. The free Daily Shield eBook provides advice and tips to keep consumers informed and knowledgeable about various financial threats which could negatively impact their credit reports and scores.

Learning how identity theft can affect your credit reports and scores may help you stay on top of your finances and better protect your credit reports and scores. Here's a brief breakdown of some of the information included in the eBook:

Tips for Confronting Cyber Threats
Web threats are everywhere and growing, which is why learning how they work may help consumers like you who may be worried about identity theft stay vigilant in their efforts to deter it. For instance, if you avoid suspicious links, pop-ups and emails, you may be able to keep your computer clean from infection.

A Look at Mobile Banking Worries
Mobile banking applications have become a convenient way to manage your funds while you're on the go. However, these apps pose an identity theft risk if your phone becomes compromised. Therefore, you should keep your phone secure and your log-in details private.

Fraud Protection for Families
Family members can help keep private information safe by reminding each other to shred all private documents before disposing of them. Whether it's during the holidays or a major life change, such as moving to a new home, family and friends should stay alert to potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Anti-Social Networking Secrets
Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have provided a convenient way for friends and family members living around the world to keep in touch with one another. But individuals who have a social networking profile should avoid posting their private information It could lead to identity theft.

Download your copy of the ebook now.