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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | post

Personal Safety Tips for February

by Neal O'Farrell on

This is the second part of a three part series of personal safety tips suggested by Intersections’ Consumer Security Adviser, Neal O’Farrell.

Scan your computer. When was the last time you did a deep malware scan on every computer you use? Many of the desktop security products run regular but fairly shallow scans designed to detect only the most obvious malware. So it's a good idea to regularly run the deepest scan possible.

Add some additional layers of security. If the only security you have on your computers is a typical security suite, you should really think about increasing the layers of security you rely on for protection. For example, there are plenty of free and affordable anti-keyloggers available that will help protect you against phishing and pharming attacks, as well as protect you from malware on your computer that could be eavesdropping on every keystroke.

Set up alerts with your bank. Most banks and credit unions offer account alerts that will instantly alert you by email or text message whenever there's a transaction on your account. I think these alerts are vital because they give you real-time information about what's happening on your accounts, without having to wait until the next statement. Now that the busy holidays are over, there is no better time to set up these alerts.

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