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Top Safety Tips for Homeowners on the Move – Part 2

by Identity Guard on

April through July has historically been the busiest time of year for home buying and selling. During these months, neighborhoods across the country are filled with moving trucks as homeowners, renters and their families move on from the old to the new. A lot goes into packing and moving a home and often times certain things can get overlooked — like the safety and security of a mover's personally identifying information (PII).

Submit a Change of Address request through the post office. Once the request has been filed, be on the look-out for a confirmation from the Postal Service and use this to verify your new information has been correctly updated. Mail should start to arrive at your new address within 7 to 10 business days after filing.

Shred all important documents and paperwork that will not be coming with you. Thieves will often go through garbage in search of things like pre-paid credit card offers that they can alter and use to create new accounts in your name. A decent shredder can cost as little as $50 and can be a very worthwhile investment. Make sure you are properly disposing of your shredded materials yourself — do not leave the task for anyone else to complete on your behalf.

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