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Top Safety Tips for Homeowners on the Move – Part 5

by Identity Guard on

April through July has historically been the busiest time of year for home buying and selling. During these months, neighborhoods across the country are filled with moving trucks as homeowners, renters and their families move on from the old to the new. A lot goes into packing and moving a home and often times certain things can get overlooked — like the safety and security of a mover's personally identifying information (PII).

Make sure you are present for the entire duration of the move. Your presence could deter potential theft from occurring and you can rest assured that your personal belongings are being taken care of properly.

After the move, verify that you are receiving all mail from the list of senders you identified and contacted beforehand. If something is missing or does not start arriving at your new address, contact the company immediately to confirm the address change and make sure that nothing is going to the old address.

Take time after the move to create a secure zone for the storage of secure data and to serve as a place where sensitive transactions like book keeping takes place. Update your computer security technology and consider tightening the physical security measures on the premise.

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