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Proxy Websites and Credit Reports

by Neal O'Farrell on

Many people order their credit reports to ensure they haven't been the victim of identity fraud. However, many phishing emails lure consumers to a "proxy credit report website" — an imposter site that mimics a legitimate business site. The proxy site captures personal information, and it's then used by thieves who can make a mess of your credit.

You can help protect yourself from these scams by always visiting a website directly, such as manually keying the website address into your browser. And if you receive a suspicious email, make sure to forward it to the related business and ask if they sent the message. Since legitimate businesses never ask for your Social Security number or other sensitive information over email, if you receive one that does, it's likely a scam.

Also, consider using a credit monitoring service such as Identity Guard®. Credit monitoring is a useful tool that can help you protect your credit, and review your credit reports and scores.

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