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About Identity Guard®

Nearly a decade-and-a-half ago‚ Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), one of the most reliable companies for identity theft protection solutions, created Identity Guard® to offer consumers the same kind of trusted expertise and protection it had previously only made available to them as customers of major financial institutions. We've come a long way since starting out as a provider of basic credit reportscredit scores‚ and credit monitoring. As the threat of identity theft has grown — and our customer needs have changed — we've stayed ahead of the curve. Today‚ our innovative‚ incomparable solutions go beyond just the basics. We also help protect your financial information‚ public records and personal data‚ PC, and much more.

About Our Products

Identity Guard products are built on our unique Monitor‚ Protect and Recover system. We provide the tools customers need to help stay safe from identity theft‚ with an expert Member Services team ready to assist. Monitor Our innovative technology proactively monitors personal and financial information to help customers stay aware and alert. Protect Our suite of software tools is designed to help secure personal information so that it stays out of the hands of identity thieves. Recover If personal information is ever stolen while a member‚ we will do everything we can to help reclaim the identity so they can continue living life on their own terms.

About the Book

Bankrupt at Birth

Why Child Identity Theft is On the Rise & How It's Happening Under Parents' Noses

By Joe Mason Protecting our children is second nature to most parents. We baby-proof our homes, invest in top-of-the-line car seats, and wouldn't dream of letting our kids ride a bike without a helmet. But when it comes to protecting our kids' Social Security numbers, all that caution is thrown to the wind. Whether it's ignorance about the growing epidemic of identity theft or lack of awareness of the solutions, the end result is the same — our kids are exposed, and we are taking a risk they just can't afford. In Bankrupt at Birth, author Joe Mason uses stories and statistics to outline the problem of child identity theft and offers parents practical advice to protect their kids. Did you know that a recent study estimated that ten percent of children have or will become victims of identity theft?
  • Find out the surprising truth about who is perpetrating child ID theft and why they do it.
  • Get educated on the most common and sinister form of child identity theft, so you can pinpoint if your kid is a victim.
  • See where your child's Social Security number is most vulnerable and memorize the magic phrase that will help you protect it.
  • Learn how your kid is (and isn't) at risk using social media, and how to talk to them about playing a role in their own safety.
  • Discover the 3 critical steps to getting the peace of mind you deserve about your child's ID.
Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. We want to End Child Identity Theft. And we won't settle for less. There are no gimmicks, no Social Security numbers scrawled on city buses, no hype. Just the sincere hope that this Virginia dad can make a difference in this crazy world. We have seen, the devastation child identity theft can cause and to it we say — NO MORE.

We can end child ID theft. It may take an act of Congress, but by raising awareness about this issue, it can happen. In the meantime, we are committed to spreading information and technology that protects kids' from this growing crime. This book, the education program we have created which the book supports and our Kid SureSM child identity theft service are some of the ways we are fighting for kids.

We can do more to protect our kids — as parents and as a nation. This book is a call to arms for both. We hope you will join us.


Author Bio — Joe Mason Virginia dad Joe Mason had had enough. After spending more than a decade helping adults protect themselves from identity theft and credit fraud, Joe thought he had heard and seen it all, until two years ago when he began to uncover the hidden nightmare over 140,000 American parents have faced — child identity theft. A parent of two children himself, and the executive behind the acclaimed identity protection service, Identity Guard®, Joe was shocked to discover child identity theft had grown to epidemic proportions. He found that a prolonged weak economy, stricter immigration laws, and security vulnerabilities that come with increased online and mobile use were just some of the reasons for the alarming rise. What frustrated Joe even more was that neither the victims nor their parents discovered the crime until years later, when it was often too late for justice to be served. Desperate to help these parents, Joe worked along-side Intersections' President of Partner Services, Steve Schwartz, and a team of experts at Intersections, to create kID Sure®, the most comprehensive service of its kind for monitoring the Social Security numbers and personally identifiable information of children. But he isn't stopping there. Joe and his team at Identity Guard, have set off on a mission to educate and empower parents around the country to stand up and fight back against organized crime, illegal immigrants, and even wayward family members who are kidnapping the identities of 16 innocent children each hour. Joe Mason is a husband and father of two living in Haymarket, Virginia. He is the Senior Vice President, Consumer Services of Intersections Inc. and the general manager of Throughout his career, Joe has played a role in protecting the identities of well over one million Americans. Prior to joining Intersections, Joe spent nearly a decade at Capital One, where he managed their identity protection offerings and helped consumers understand the importance of protecting their personal information. Joe has a B.S. from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from The College of William and Mary and has been featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC News, and many other regional and national media outlets. Corporate Bio — Joe Mason Joe Mason, Senior Vice President of Identity Guard at Intersections Inc. is an expert in identity theft protection issues. His area of expertise covers all aspects of identity protection; including, new threats, education, prevention, and recovery. As senior vice president, Mr. Mason is responsible for the marketing, strategy, and product development efforts of the premier direct to consumer identity theft solution, Identity Guard and oversees the company's philanthropic alliance with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Under Joe's leadership, Identity Guard has become one of the leading comprehensive identity protection services for individuals and families and recently earned the "Best in Class" award by Javelin Strategy & Research; the industry's premier research agency. Prior to joining Intersections in 2009, Mr. Mason held various leadership roles in marketing, analysis, and new product development with Capital One Financial Corporation. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he received his MBA from the College of William and Mary. Mr. Mason currently resides in the Washington, D.C., area with his wife and their two children.



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