Identity Theft Reviews

Trust Pilot is a reputable website where real Identity Guard® customers can post comments and reviews. Over 2,000 customers have provided their personal experience with Identity Guard®. With 4 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot, you can see why Identity Guard has consistently been rated as one of the top three Identity Theft Companies of 2015.

These identity theft reviews were hard earned, and reflect how Identity Guard can help to keep you safe from criminal activity and its negative effects. With nearly two decades of offering identity theft protection help to consumers, our solutions are built around your needs.

How Identity Guard® Helps You Protect You

Monitoring your credit is important part of protecting your identity. Our monitoring tools include identity, credit, and public record monitoring services supplemented with prompt alerts in case of any unusual activity. Our protection services include anti-virus, password protection, and keyword encryption solutions for helping to protect against cyber-criminals. Available Identity Guard® recovery solutions include personal recovery assistance, identity theft insurance and lost wallet protection. If your personal information is ever stolen while you're a member, we will do everything that we can to get your identity back so that you can sleep easy. Don't wait to get protection help, learn more today!