Identity Theft Shield

Looking for a reliable identity theft shield can be difficult with the amount of information and reviews available today. Identity theft protection needs to be able to offer a range of services including monitoring, protection, and recovery to thoroughly safeguard your identity from criminals. Due to the increased frequency in online identity theft, people sometimes forget that pickpocketing and stolen documents still pose a threat. So, what type of service might you want that can offer enhanced identity theft protection?

Service Offers Monitoring

Monitoring services are very useful in helping you identify when your identity or financial information is being misused. Identity Guard® offers identity, credit, and public record monitoring with prompt alerts of certain activity that may indicate fraud to help you take immediate action.

Service Offers Protection

An enhanced identity theft shield might offer protection solutions. Cyber-criminals can use public networks, or insecure passwords to access your private information, so it can be helpful to have software protection on your side. Identity Guard offers anti-virus, password protection and keystroke encryption to help protect you from digital theft or damage.

Service Offers Recovery

You would never want your identity to be stolen, but if it was, would you know what to do next? Identity Guard offers personal recovery assistance, up to $1 million in identity theft insurance**, and lost wallet protection for members that have had their identity taken.

With the variety of software solutions and services available to help you shield your identity from criminals, you can pick and choose the best identity theft shield plan for your needs. Learn more about the different Identity Guard plans today!