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Identity thieves are smart and sophisticated – you deserve equally sophisticated protection to warn you of identity theft or fraud.

Types of identity theft

How identity theft can affect you:

Synthetic ID Theft

A type of identity fraud in which someone takes your information (usually stolen) and combines it with fake information to create a whole new identity.

Credit Card Fraud

When most of us think of identity theft, we think of credit card fraud. A stolen credit card could negatively affect your credit score and leave you with fraudulent charges.

Child ID Theft

Your children are also vulnerable to identity theft. They make valuable targets because they have “blank-slate” credit histories and no child is too young for identity theft.

Account Takeover Fraud

When someone takes over your account and makes changes, it’s called account takeover fraud. It’s a challenging issue taking an average of 16 hours to resolve.

New Account Fraud

This is when a fraudster opens a new account, credit or non-credit, in your name. It’s a notoriously hard to detect crime.

Tax Fraud

When someone uses your SSN to get your tax refund or a job it’s called tax fraud. If you’re a victim of this crime you could be denied your refund or be flagged by the IRS for not reporting all earned wages.

Identity Theft Protection for individuals or families

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